Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Adventures Junkin

I had a fun day of junkin, yesterday. Frankie and I met some friends at Siponki West, they were having a flea market and I found lots of new treasures to repurpose and use in projects. Siponki West is a place that is set up as an old western town setting with the buildings. The buildings are also museums, they also have a resturant, I think it was in the Saloon. We didn't stay for the gunfight, but maybe I can catch it next time. I found lots of vintage crochet lace and doilies, old bottles, vintage buttons, old pictures, lampshades and a set of dishes that have never been opened. Oh yeah, almost forgot I found my chicken wire ladies some old faux pearls. Dispite being framed and tossed in jail, by my own husband!!! I really enjoyed it and can't wait till they have another flea market.

After leaving the Wild West, Frankie and I went to some more antique shops and I found a wooden sled, more great pictures, key, and a metal lunch box, that reminds me of my grandpa.  


  1. luv it all girl! these are some great finds.

  2. Thanks,Luverlie,I am really enjoying my new instant family and the lunch box has a place of honor on my shelf in the dining room.