Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tutorial for Raised Stencil Design on Cabinet Door

I made a raised stencil design on the cabinet doors for the Vintage Camper. After receiving several questions on how I made it, I thought I would doing a tutorial. 

Materials need:
Wallboard Joint Compound
Putty Spatula
Cabinet Door

Place your stencil design of choice on the cabinet door. 

Next take a glob of the joint compound on your spatula.
Spread your joint compound over the stencil.
Lift stencil straight up to remove the stencil. You will now have your stenciled design. 
I wanted a little more texture on the door, so I randomly placed more of the joint compound around the design.
Let dry completely.  Sand. if desired, to knock some of the rough edges.
You are now ready to paint as desired.  I used a gray base coat of homemade chalk paint. 
After the base coat has completely dried.  I added an off white paint to highlight.  I used a dry brushing technique, but left the paint a little bit heavier on brush. 
Distress and wax to complete, as desired.
I love how easy this is to add a design to a surface.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sweet Caroline our Glamper and Mobile Boutique

Sweet Caroline made her Grand Debut

After a few set backs, and months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, my dream is finally taking shape and seeing the efforts of all our (got to give my Prince Charming, his fair share of the credit, too) work.  We still have a few things that we need to do, like the counter top, but all and all she is at least presentable and we were able to use her.  We finally had a Grand Debut with her this past Saturday, during A Touch of Rust in Stillwater, OK.  Although, I do plan to use her as part of my mobile boutique, I didn't put any inventory to sale inside on this trip. I think that she was a success and she had lots of traffic, coming and going out of her little door.

Sharing pictures from our set up and her interior.