Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sweet Caroline

I did a little "junkin" this weekend.  (ok... may a lot of junkin this weekend) I lucked into this sweet vintage camper trailer.  I can't wait to turn her into a Glamper and load her up with "Charm"!!!  Everyone that I have told in my family, but Donna, thinks that I have totally fell off my rocker, but I can see the beauty in her.  Grand adventures are ahead for Shell's Vintage Charm. 
My awesome Prince Charming was not so easily won over by her beauty and "Charm."  I had to do a little persuasion.  He has come a looong way, in the last couple of years, since I began Vintage Charm, but he still sometimes has a hard time seeing what I see, sometimes.  I am sure that The Junk Gypsies do not get some of the looks I get when they ask their carpenter to make or fix things.  But all in all it is good and I now have my vintage camper trailer.
She has lovingly been named Sweet Caroline and vision of Glamping adventures are dancing in my head.  Now for the restoration process to begin.
She has her own page and I am sure she will be keeping you up to date on her progress, as she is excited to become a Sparkling Princess in the World of Glamping. You can visit her page here.
Stay Charmed,

Monday, May 5, 2014


OH MY!!!  How time continues to get away from me! We have been busy here at Vintage Charm and I haven't been good at all to keep up with my Blog page.  I hope that I still have some followers.  I did, however, take a much needed break this weekend.  I visited with Grandbabies and even went on a picnic and fishing with my wonderful Prince Charming.   Feeling so much more refreshed, relaxed, and have the creative juices flowing again and ready to jump back in with both feet and get some new products ready for Vintage Charm.  It is going to be a busy summer, we are adding more shows to our schedule and are now venturing into Texas for some, as well.  Thank you for continuing to following me along the way.  I am sharing some pictures from my weekend. 

Stay Charmed!

Prince Charming and Myself at the Pinkalious Prom and Vintage Show on April 25. My dress was a Vintage find from the 80's..

Random pictures that I have taken while out and about this weekend.

Emberlynn and Blaydon. 

Look we can all sit on Gramps' lap!

My Prince Charming getting in some much needed R&R

More random pictures taken during the fishing trip. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Embers of my Heart Hart

What's a girl to do on a snowy, sleety, wintery day?  Well... I know what I should be doing, the usual things that I am way far behind on like laundry, sweeping, dishes, and working on gathering all my tax receipts.  Of course who wants to work on that kind of stuff on a cold blustery day when you could be snuggling under a warm, fuzzy blanket catching up with all of my blog friends, it has been way to long.  There has been a lot going on at Shell's Vintage Charm, that I want to share with you all.
I have expanded in several areas and have been staying busy.  As you know, I have gotten my own domain at where you can purchase my handmade designs online, as well as keeping my Etsy shop open.  I recently also joined Shabby Cottage Shops, a great online shopping mall.  I also belong to Etsy Cottage Style, it is a great community of artists who love cottage style.   I still have my booth space at Tish Creative Country and I have added several new shows that I will be attending as a vendor starting in March. 
My most exciting news is I am getting a new grandbaby in April!  It's a girl!!!
I am getting excited and can hardly wait to get my hands on her!  My grandbabies are my greatest joy and blessings.  Rachel and Blaydon bring so much sunshine into this grammy's heart that with the third one I am sure that I will be blessed beyond belief!!! 
During all this wonderful excitement and while waiting on my new ray of sunshine, I have decided to launch a new design line, Embers of my Hart, shabby chic designs for babies and children. I am introducing three of the first products to you today. They also make great Valentine gifts, as well.
Vintage Chenille Heart
Vintage Chenille Pillow Hanger
Emberlynn Design Head Band
Now to explain the meaning and the inspiration behind the name of my new design line.  My daughter, Paisley is planning on naming the baby, Emberlynn Grace.  She was tinkering (yes, I am a Okie) around with the thought of naming the baby after my grandmother, Jewel Hart.  One afternoon while searching through the book of baby names.  She happened across the name, Emberlynn which means, precious pretty jewel.  So long story short... with Emberlynn being the inspiration of my making much more shabby chic baby items and all of my grandchildren being the embers of my heart, I have decided upon the Embers of my Heart Hart.  I am still trying to decide if I want to use the spelling for Hart as my Grandmother's name or if I should spell it correctly so everyone won't think that I can't spell correctly.  (which I do happen to be a pretty bad at spelling).
I am really wanting to use Hart because of it being my grandmother's name and my mother's maiden name.  I started Shell's Vintage Charm with the image of my dad's grandmother (you can see more of the story behind this here, if interested).  My friends joke with me about selling my own grandmother, but I try to use as many of the vintage photo images of my own family members, whenever possible.  I love being able to use part of my heritage into my Vintage Charm business.
Stay Charmed!

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