Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sweet Caroline

I did a little "junkin" this weekend.  (ok... may a lot of junkin this weekend) I lucked into this sweet vintage camper trailer.  I can't wait to turn her into a Glamper and load her up with "Charm"!!!  Everyone that I have told in my family, but Donna, thinks that I have totally fell off my rocker, but I can see the beauty in her.  Grand adventures are ahead for Shell's Vintage Charm. 
My awesome Prince Charming was not so easily won over by her beauty and "Charm."  I had to do a little persuasion.  He has come a looong way, in the last couple of years, since I began Vintage Charm, but he still sometimes has a hard time seeing what I see, sometimes.  I am sure that The Junk Gypsies do not get some of the looks I get when they ask their carpenter to make or fix things.  But all in all it is good and I now have my vintage camper trailer.
She has lovingly been named Sweet Caroline and vision of Glamping adventures are dancing in my head.  Now for the restoration process to begin.
She has her own page and I am sure she will be keeping you up to date on her progress, as she is excited to become a Sparkling Princess in the World of Glamping. You can visit her page here.
Stay Charmed,

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