Friday, March 23, 2012

Missing Parts and Somewhat Wobbley

It's true, I am a junkie.  These pictures prove it!!!  I will bring home anything, today at lunch a co-workers, husband was nice enough to load my new found treasures in my car.  I love them, no matter what others may say.  I see a hidden treasure among the missing tops and drawers. 
The house next to our office is being torn down and of course I had to go and take a look for hidden treasure.  The fire department has been using it for training soooo.... just let you imagination soar on that for a while.  Soot and smokey smell!!! Did not make for a pleasant drive home for my nose, but my mind was happily business planning what they could become.  Hoping that tomorrow I will be able to go back and get more windows and doors before the bulldozer gets to it. 
Turned out to be a good day all the way around for junkin.  Frankie found an old mattress at his next job site and cut me off some of the bed springs. Oh and there were some old hardback books and I brought a couple of them home, too.   A friend has purchased my great aunts house and is tearing it down and she gave me some of the old tongue and groove boards.  
Stay tuned to see what transformations I have in mind.  

Have a "Charming" weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Decorations

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would share some of my favorite Easter decorations for this year.  I have only put out a few items this Easter.  The Easter Bunny on my mantle is one of my favorites and come out every Easter.  My mom made this crocheted bunny that is busy painting eggs for me quiet a few years ago.  I have probably had him for about 20 years or maybe more (time sure does fly).  I placed plastic eggs in my covered cake plate for my table decoration.  Really simple but it gives a burst of color.  Then I have the Bunny Glass Block on my piano and  have some grass and eggs surrounding him.  I didn't post a picture of this because I have listed the block in an early post. 
Have a great day!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Adventures Junkin

I had a fun day of junkin, yesterday. Frankie and I met some friends at Siponki West, they were having a flea market and I found lots of new treasures to repurpose and use in projects. Siponki West is a place that is set up as an old western town setting with the buildings. The buildings are also museums, they also have a resturant, I think it was in the Saloon. We didn't stay for the gunfight, but maybe I can catch it next time. I found lots of vintage crochet lace and doilies, old bottles, vintage buttons, old pictures, lampshades and a set of dishes that have never been opened. Oh yeah, almost forgot I found my chicken wire ladies some old faux pearls. Dispite being framed and tossed in jail, by my own husband!!! I really enjoyed it and can't wait till they have another flea market.

After leaving the Wild West, Frankie and I went to some more antique shops and I found a wooden sled, more great pictures, key, and a metal lunch box, that reminds me of my grandpa.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aqua Doily Bustle Onesie

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share my newest listing on Etsy.   A shabby chic bustle made out of a vintage doily.  The onesie and doily have been tea stained.  It is displayed on my new manni that I made from a purchased tutorial on Etsy. 
Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chicken Wire and Husbands

I have the best husband! Just had to do some bragging on him, bless his heart he has to put up with me and all of my "ideas." I am always talking him into helping me do something or should say maybe scheming up things that I think he should do to help me out.
Long story short, I am trying to get ready for a craft show on Saturday, and I decided that I needed the chicken wire dress form to use as a display. So I put him to work on making the dress form tutorial that I found here from Sassytrash. I really figured he would be so much better than me cutting and twisting the wire.

I ended up getting three dress forms out of this adventure.  The first one was too small, the second one was bigger, but he decided to try again and I got a much taller one. So now not only do I have one for my displays but have one to put in my craft room to hang loose ribbons and "stuff." I am thinking of putting the medium size one in my bathroom for decorations.  Will have to post more pictures after I have them all decorated.  


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Altered Picture Frame

Hi Everyone,
Today's post and Etsy listing is for an altered picture frame with a mixed media collage technique.  It has an off-white crackle finish on the frame and the area surrounding the picture.  The matte is loaded with several different laces, muslin fabric, french script paper, ribbon and cheesecloth.  All has been tea stained for a worn and vintage look. 

The frame will hold a 3.5 " x 3.5" picture.  I have added a picture of my Great Grandmother, Bessie Herring, taken when she was about 8 years old.  It can be removed to place your own picture.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not Too Shabby X 2

I received a custom order this week to make my Shabby Ruffled Bottom Onesies for twins.  They wanted it to be the same but somewhat unique.  So I have been busy tea staining onesies and lace.  I think I ended up using about 4 yards of lace on each onesie and then added the ribbon and made ribbon roses.  You know me I sometimes tend to get carried away with the lace!!!