Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Decorations

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would share some of my favorite Easter decorations for this year.  I have only put out a few items this Easter.  The Easter Bunny on my mantle is one of my favorites and come out every Easter.  My mom made this crocheted bunny that is busy painting eggs for me quiet a few years ago.  I have probably had him for about 20 years or maybe more (time sure does fly).  I placed plastic eggs in my covered cake plate for my table decoration.  Really simple but it gives a burst of color.  Then I have the Bunny Glass Block on my piano and  have some grass and eggs surrounding him.  I didn't post a picture of this because I have listed the block in an early post. 
Have a great day!



  1. like how you put all those eggs in your cake plate. how nice to have that crocheted bunny! it's what makes holidays so special.

  2. @luverlie, Thanks, the colors really pop under the glass. I read that tip in a magazine and it is now a new favorite!!!

  3. I'm going to lift that lid on those eggs haha great job

  4. Lol, Sharon, we would then be going on an egg hunt!!! Bring your basket.