Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Is Here

Happy Spring!

Spring is here, or so I think, it has been playing a lot of hidding go seek over the last weeks.  We get a few warm days, then back to cold and then it warms back up.  This week we received much needed rain, but I am so ready for warm weather to come and stay!  Ready for trips to the lake, planting flowers and my flip flops.  

The birds are singing today and I noticed that the little bird that chooses to build her nest every year on the ceiling fan of my porch is back in her home.  I have no idea what kind of bird she is, but she keeps coming back home!  So in her honor, I have made a cute little bird nest in an old vintage coin purse to share with you. 

This bird also loves Vintage Charm, she has worked hard to build her home in the vintage coin purse, with her vintage scraps of lace,sprigs of flowers (for a special pink touch), and the rolled sheet music. 

Hope that everyone has a blessed and charming week ahead.

Stay Charmed!