Monday, July 6, 2015


Emberlynn's 4th of July Picture
Emberlynn's 4th of July Picture.  Which was a very impromptu photo shoot taken by my very talented daughter, Paisley. The truck is my husband old 68 Ford we, call "Ole Blue."  Flag was an unfinished project made by yours truly, but worked great for this photo. ( Photography by Paisley's Prints)


I hope that you had a great 4th of July weekend.  Mine was terrific and spent with my littlest firecracker, Emberlynn.  Time spent with family is always time well spent.  Along with the usual cooking out with family, watching fireworks, we spent most of it taking it easy by our pool  Which I lovingly call our "Redneck Water Hole".  It is nothing fancy, just an above ground pool with a deck and gazebo (which the top did not make it during one of our Oklahoma spring storms).  I love my Redneck Water Hole, it is my happy place along with my front porch (a whole other story this year). With all of the rain we have had this year, and just being so busy with all that has been going on,  I have not placed or planted one flower this year.  Have been planning on making pillows for my furniture and it hasn't gotten done, either.  As I sit here writing this morning, I realize even in it's plain state and disarray this year, it is still my happy place.  The sound of water is calming, the birds are chirping, the horses are in the pasture grazing and one ornery donkey, is trying to get my attention.  As it is on the East side of my house, it is a great place to sit and have coffee in the morning, watch the sun rise and plan my day for Vintage Charm. 

As I sit here this morning reflecting and dreaming on my future with Vintage Charm, I am reaffirmed that I am on the right track and love what I do.  I have taken the summer off from shows to work on my inventory.  I have so many new designs and plans, that I am eagerly looking forward to the shows this fall.  Sweet Caroline, our vintage mobile boutique, will be joining me for a few of them.   In the meantime, I am will stay busy working on new products and designs.  We are also in the process of updating our website,  and working on a new logo.

Can't wait to visit with everyone again this fall.  In the meantime you can shop with us on our website, follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog), and we have a booth at Baker's Mercantile in Tishomingo, OK.   I sincerely hope, you will follow along in our journey as we move forward and grow.

Life is truly good when you decide to follow your heart! Now to get in the studio/workroom and get busy!!! Have a great day!

Stay Charmed,

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