Thursday, July 30, 2015

Early Morning in the Country

The sunshine is beginning to peek over the trees, as I take a morning ride on the 4 Wheeler. I am a morning person, love mornings and there is nothing better than enjoying it in the country with a cup of coffee or a ride out in the pasture. Totally and truly love and enjoy being a small town girl, living in the country. 

We have a new addition on the hill, (one of the reasons that I was out and about on this particular morning).  My daddy called to tell me that Baby (the spotted Jenny that I laid claim, to) had a new foal.  Meet Long Tall Sally, named yes, from the song.  My 8 year old granddaughter wanted the honor of naming this one.  I am sure that Sally will be spoiled like the rest of the donkeys in no time at all. 

Being as how the Baby was not quiet ready to share Sally at the moment, I decided it was a great morning to ride around and enjoy the morning before the Oklahoma heat set in.  Snapped this shot of the what was going to be a log cabin (my brother, was working on this project), an abandoned project as you can tell.  It has made a great source for photo backdrops.  

Stopped along the way to watch a pretty blue dragon fly.  It wasn't being very cooperative while I was trying to take the picture and this was the best one I could get.

Love these little pink wildflowers, or I am sure they are probably a weed, but they are a very pretty weed, I think.  

A few more weeds with pretty flowers.   I will just call them wildflowers, they are a flower and they grow wild, or maybe they are just colors of inspiration along the journey.

Sampson, our Lab, stops to look at me.  I am sure he is wondering and thinking, why are we stopping to take pictures again? He always tags along and patiently waits while I poke along and take pictures.

Close to the end of the fence line is Midnight, the ornery donkey. 

The morning inspirational ride is over and it is time to "crack-a-lack". I made a very impromptu decision to set up as a vendor at the Peach Festival in Stratford.  My inventory was ridiculously low and but we went anyway, had a wonderful time.  New friends are always a pleasure to meet.

Speaking of "crack-a-lacking" and low inventory, been having lots of fun making some new pillows.  They are only available at our vendor space, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma at Baker's Mercantile at the moment. 
Stay Charmed,

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