Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Booth Space

Hi Everyone!
Hope your week is going good. It has been a crazy, busy and looooonnnnng week at work. A really nice hot bubble bath sounds like Heaven at the moment. (sigh)  
I thought I would share my new booth space with you today.  I have moved my inventory out of The Mix in Ada and have moved into Creative Country in Tishomingo.  I LOVE it there!  There really is something there for everyone.  Not only all the great items available to purchase, everyone is so friendly and nice.  
I have a small spot and things are going wonderful there, so I have been kicking around the idea of expanding my booth space and at the same time thinking of keeping it small and cozy.  Frankie and I went in on Saturday and he helped me measure.  My wonderful Mr. Prince Charming is thinking of building me some awesome display stuff.  So I need to make up my mind, so we can get started!!!
Been dreaming all day long of some new fun things I am wanting to make and add to my space.   So I am off to get Crack-a-lackin
Stay Charmed!

1 comment:

  1. Shelley,
    I love your new booth space. Your displays are wonderful.