Monday, January 21, 2013

Favorite Displays

Hi Everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well?  We have been hit with the flu bug here in the Prince household, both myself and Mr. Prince Charming.   It certainly has not been fun!  Finally starting to feel like a human again, I realized today that I have not left my house since coming home from work sick on Thursday.

I was so thankful that today was a holiday and I got the day off from work.  Feeling much better, I have spent most of the day playing in my craft room.   I will have some new handmade inventory to share with you soon.  I am have made the decision not to renew my vendor contract at The Mix in Ada, OK and will begin moving out of my space there this week.  I am, however, looking forward to concentrating more on my booth space at Creative Country in Tishomingo.  I will once again be offering some of my Vintage inspired Baby Onesies and other children accessories that has previously only been available either at craft shows or on my Etsy site.

I have been rearranging and redecorating (or should say in the progress of) since taking down all of the Christmas decorations.  A few months ago I bought new furniture and painted.  I am loving my new furniture and fresh clean painted walls.  I didn't want to put up my old wall hangings that have been up forever so I have been slowing taking away and adding new.

I really love things that are old or have a vintage feel.  I have been trying to  incorporate as many family heirlooms as possible in my new decor.    I ended up with two empty spaces in the living room.  In one corner I put a vignette of the doll carriage that I found while out scouting for treasures.  It is still one of my favorite finds.  I put my favorite picture of my Great Grandmother in it along with a pair of vintage baby shoes, old wrap with flowing fringe and some pink spring flowers.

The other space I moved the antique sewing machine that belonged to Frankie's Grandmother and added a vintage quilt made by my great aunt. The button jar also belongs to my aunt.

Love the colors that the quilt adds to the room.

I have only opened the button jar once since I have had it.  I just pick it up and shake it around to look and enjoy the different items inside.  One day while shaking and looking I noticed a button shaped like a crown.  I decided to open up the jar and look at the button.  I have really enjoyed the button jar.  There is such an amazing variety and I like to image what kind of clothing they must have came off of.  

 Stay Charmed,

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