Sunday, July 15, 2012

Antique Tin Ceiling Tiles

I have fallen hopelessly in <3 LOVE <3 with vintage tin ceiling tile!!! Love looking at it and wondering where it was and the stories that it could tell.  I have been making these wonderful crosses and wings out of it.  The wings I have just started making as of yesterday, so you are getting the first look. 
Frankie laughs at me because it KILLS me to cut it up.  One piece that actually matches the wings, I couldn't cut it up and so left it whole and will make it as a wall hanging of its own. 

I am linking up with Happy Pink Saturday, be sure to go take a look.  A person can never have enough pink!

Stay Charmed!



  1. That is a great idea. Never would have thought of it. You are doing a super job on your creations. I love the cross. Just be careful and not cut yourself.

  2. Shelley, I LOVE what you've done with the tiles! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  3. Oh you are a creative lady! Gorgeous!

  4. Those wings are gorgeous! luv them.
    so creative.

  5. These are beautiful and I agree that it would kill me to cut up those vintage tiles!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind comment about my craft Room!


  6. saw your shabby book on facebook. gorgeous!

  7. Oh! That tin ceiling tile is magnificent! And the frames, you created are a perfect way, to showcase its loveliness!