Friday, June 1, 2012

Magnolia Festival

Hi Everyone!  Hope that everyone is doing well and I must appologize for not posting in awhile.  I have been trying to get ready for the Magnolia Festival.  It started this Wednesday and ends Saturday night at 10:00 p,m.  This is the first show event for Shell's Vintage Charm, so I thought I would share some pictures of my booth space. 

I was so afraid that I wasn't going to have enough items to fill up my spot.  Was really stressing and in a panic for no reason.  It turned out fine and is soooo cute.   I am getting good responses, comments and making contacts, so all is well.  

Remember that dresser without a back and no drawers in a previous post that I rescued from a house that was being torn down.  Well my husband worked some Vintage Charm of his own and made me an area for my purchases.  I love it!!!  I will be doing a more detailed post on it very soon. 

Stay Charmed,

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  1. Wish I were there to see it all in person. Everything looks divine! Frankie and Paisley were awesome helpers. Wishing you the best of luck.