Monday, February 18, 2013

Country Life

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful day.  I had the day off and enjoyed every moment of it.  I spent the day working on items for my booth space.  Not really sure that I really accomplished much, but I have lots of things started in various stages of completion. 

The above picture was taken as a joke to send to my Mr. Prince Charming..... You might be a redneck if.... and to rub in the fact that I had the day off and he didn't. The picture turned out cute with Rachel's playhouse in the background and signs of spring.  I was tea staining some old napkins for a project and hung them out to dry on a sapling tree.  Stay tuned for the completed project with the napkins.

You can see some of my lastest completed projects on my Facebook page.

Stay Charmed,


  1. OMG I wish I live in the country like my sister. I love that little playhouse for your Rachel. I love this picture.

    1. I love living in the country! Rachel has spent lots of time playing in her playhouse. She doesn't spend as much time in it now, but we have been talking about redecorating it for special tea parties. LOL, of course I think that Grammy is more interested in fixing it up than her. ;)