Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Repurposed Cabinet Door- French Inspired

Do you every have projects that just will not come together?  You can see it in your mind but it just does not turn out the way you are seeing it in your mind.  So FRUSTRATING!!! I began working on repurposing this old cabinet door a couple of weeks ago. I had found the prefect graphic that I was going to use from The Graphics Fairy, knew that I wanted to use the Beach Sparkle and White paint and that it had to be distressed.  I also was seeing lace and flowers there, too.  So I begin.   Long story short it looked horrible.  So I sent out an SOS to everyone who would listen to me whine and offer me advise.  (Thanks to my wonderful advisers out there).  I started trying different things that were suggested, still not liking it.  Finally just now I have decided that it is finished and maybe I am trying to put way to much thought into it.  Not everything have to be covered in lace and loaded in fufu.  (Okay, now the ones that know me well are wondering if I have fallen and bumped my head.  That is totally a statement I would not make!)  So here it is......finally finished (maybe).

I am linking up at Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy.  Be sure to visit The Graphics Fairy site you will love all the wonderful graphics ther!!!

Stay Charmed!


  1. It looks beautiful! What transfer method did you use? My mind works that also, I'm always wanting to add more, or make it just a little better, lol

  2. I used the wax paper transfer method. Only smudged a little and let it be part of the charm.

    Thank you for visiting.

  3. What do you mean "not everything needs to be covered in lace and loaded in fufu?"!?!?!
    Yes, you must have fell and bumped your head!
    the door is great...luv the transfer and the mannies are sooooo cute! Quit second guessing yourself