Friday, April 13, 2012

Shabby Chic Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce before it was "Vintage Charmed."

I bought this brassy looking wall sconce on my last trip to Canton.  Loved the flowers on it and was already thinking they would look great with just a little touch of "Vintage Charm"and paint, of course.

Sooo... with a little bit of cleaning and spray paint and brushing on some pink this is how it was transformed. 

Ok, I know what you are thinking why did she hang a wall sconce for candles on her door?  I was looking for a place to take pictures that would show off some of the detailing.  It has been sanded after painting and in some areas left to show black under tone and others I let the brass shine through.  Then after hanging it on the door, all kinds of ideas started flickering through my mind.  

It really looked awesome hanging on my white door and I could envision it being used as a wreath holder.  Don't you think it would look cute holding a wreath of lovely flowers?  It hangs perfectly on the wall and would also make a jewelry holder, as well.  It has all kinds of possibilities.  It would also be cute just as it original intention in life as a candle holder with either glass votives or just taper candles.  

I am linking up with Pink Saturday, go take a look at all the lovely pink items.

Stay "Charmed"


  1. great job! I luv the shabbiness!

  2. yup I like all your ideas ! it really looks great now that you worked your magic.

  3. It really is a darling piece. I like your ideas of different uses also.

    Thx for sharing


  4. Praying you are having a wonderful good to be visiting each one of you...Happy Pink Saturday!!!!!!
    Come by and visit
    My Sweet Prairie Home....
    God Bless You !!!!! Kandy

  5. I'm going around visiting everyone on today's PINK SATURDAY list.....with my hot cup of coffee, of course! Just wanted to let you know that I was here! Have yourself a great weekend, and stop by my place if you've the time!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. That's lovely.from vintage to chic pink.

  7. Just beautiful! I so love anything pink and this chippy lovely piece is gorgeous! Great job!

  8. Makes me think of a little girls princess room. Love the touch of pink.