Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lesson Learned

Hi Everyone,
I thought I would share with you a lesson learned.  I seem to always learn stuff the hard way, but it turned out well.  I wanted to try the DIY rusting of bells.   I had looked at several of the tutorials and wrote myself a sticky note with the "ingredients".  Thinking I will just use an aluminum pan so I don't ruin a bowl.  That is the lesson learned.  Use a glass bowl or pan because the aluminum pan will LEAK!!!  I have since found a tutorial and rusting recipe on Old Road Primitives and she tells you to use an old bowl.  It was the exact recipe that I used for the rusting.  I was really surprised how the turned out.

Ingredients:  Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Salt.
Use equal amounts of the vinegar and peroxide (glass bowl) put in bells then cover with salt.  Let set for 24 hours.  Lay them out on an old cookie sheet and place in the sunshine to dry. 



  1. Bells look awesome. Will try this technique this weekend. I'm gathering stuff for an advent calendar that I'm putting together next weekend.
    Luvin' your blog!